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300 Grams

Jaha: *looks in the direction where Khal is pointing and sees a human body wearing torn clothes and laying lost as if dead*
*Jaha’s eyes fill up with tears and runs towards his beloved son, Sar and screams* Sar my son *reaches near him, falls to knees and hugs his son torn out body* nothing will happen to you my son, I promise you *cleans her tears* I promise you *looks towards Khal and tells* go and bring a taxi, we need to take him to hospital.

Khal: But mom you should go home, I will handle it, please go. You know what I mean (Mujahid deen were the reason Khal was telling his mom to go as Mujahid deen were known as freedom fighters and later they became famous as Talibans).

Jaha: I don’t care, stop talking about these things Khal, my son is dying, if something happened to him I will never forgive myself *tells in loud voice* now go.
*Khal hurries and brings a taxi, khal and taxi driver picks up Sar’s body, they sit in taxi and moves toward the hospital* *The hospital was not far they reach there in no time*

Jaha: Doctor *comes out of taxi screaming and searching for doctor* doctor, where is he, my son is dying please someone help him *then a doctor appears*

Doctor: *calls a few people to take Sar’s body to doctor’s room* this way, don’t worry mother, your son will get okay he doesn’t seem in bad condition, stay calm please. (Mother is a word that is used by afghan people for elder females, as afghan culture is based on respect and honor, so it’s a way of developing a respectable relationship and for younger females, the word is Sister)

Jaha: *tries to calm herself and nods* yes I am calm doctor, please help my son *though she is trying to appear calm but one can easily hear in her voice how much worried she is*

Khal: *hugs jaha* don’t worry mom, everything will get okay, Allah is merciful, He won’t let anything happen to Sar, He knows that we are already suffering, so He won’t increase our problems *after saying this Khal burst into tears*

Jaha: *hugs khal and kisses his forehead* don’t cry my son you are a brave male and males don’t cry it’s a shame. I know Allah is with us, everything will get okay.
*jaha is topic of discussion among the males over there in hospital now, as she is a female who is not well dressed according to the afghan customs at the moment and she is the only female in the hospital. As according to the current government situations most of females stay in homes and none of them work, but still jaha won’t care as its matter of her son’s life*

Doctor: *calls jaha inside his room, jaha goes there with Khal* mother look at your son he is perfect, it’s just some scratches, no bone breaks or any internal injuries. He looks like dying as his clothes are torn out, otherwise he is doing well *gives a relaxing smile to jaha, to cheer her up*. *Afghans are people of mountains, who when talk seems like fighting, who when show love seems like beating but they really are soft hearted people who carry a good heart free from greed. They help without a reason. Still they are slaves of their customs,that make them seem the worst people of the world but when you look into their eyes you see they are not what they look like*

Jaha: *Smiles*Alhamdulilah (a way to thank Allah) thank you doctor, I am really thankful to you, tell me when can we take him to home?

Doctor: You can take him with you now, I gave him an injection for sleep, so he could recover faster, just don’t let him work for a day or two, even though he is not hurt but he is not good either a little bit.

Jaha: I will take care of him doctor, a mother knows how to take care of her child *tells Khal to bring a taxi for home*
*Khal goes to bring taxi, when taxi comes, they put Sar into it and takes him to home, after they reach home, they take Sar inside with the help of the family that is living with them in the house. Everyone gets happy to see that Sar is okay and still alive, Jaha looks at rivers of tears at Nargis face and kisses her. It takes a while but Sar recovers completely and then he again starts looking for a way to earn and survive*

(After few months now it’s the day when the family decides to leave this country Afghanistan and go to another country named as Pakistan, it’s a neighbor country that doesn’t have very good relationship with Afghanistan but these days most of the Afghans are going there to save their lives. Jaha’s family is going to Pakistan’s city Swat, which is a very green mountainous city. But is not very advance is more like a village than a city. They are able to go to Swat with the help of Minister of another City named as Azad Kashmir, that Minister now lives in Swat and is friend of Jaha’s husband Sira.

In those few months that they pass in Jalalabad many things happened:

Tasa got injured in his eye and his eye started bleeding as Cryoffalcon hit him with a nail in tasa’s eye, Cryoffalcon didn’t do it on his own but was told by Khal to do so in joke but Cryoffalcon don’t understand jokes due to his age and hit Tasa for real. When Cryoffalcon did this Tasa grabbed Cryoffalcon in his arms and ran with him on a bicycle as Jaha was going to beat Cryoffalcon for what he has done. This incident made Cryoffalcon’s and Tasa’s relationship more strong as not only Tasa saved him, bought some biscuits for Cryoffalcon but also didn’t become angry after doing that to him.

Cryoffalcon caught Hepatitis A from that aunt who used to give sunflower seeds to him, was it because of that aunt or sunflower seeds the reason is a mystery but now Cryoffalcon was suffering from Hepatitis A, earlier Cryoffalcon had a few things to eat now with Hepatitis A he had only yogurt to eat for months as Jaha told him that everything is bad for his health and now yogurt is only left to choose, sometimes she used to make a drink out of yogurt by mixing some water, salt and cucumber, while other times it is only sweet yogurt , that made Cryoffalcon hate yogurt to the maximum. During his Hepatitis A, one day a scorpio that was hiding in his t-shirt bit him, scorpio got killed but nothing happened to Cryoffalcon (poor scorpio) it might have hurt Cryoffalcon’s feelings later in his life as his sign was Scorpio too.

Nargis discovers love of Aj *Aj is elder brother of Tasa* Aj didn’t proposed her or didn’t used any kind of words to tell her but he did everything that you can expect from a lover, but on the other hand Nargis being shy and young didn’t do anything about it and stayed quiet.

Jaha broke her toe when a heavy metal fell on it and it became one of the non-recoverable injuries for her and not only that, a small piece of wood entered into her nail that stayed there for years.

After all these happenings now the family has packed the stuff, loaded it into one big Lorry and are good to go. Everyone sit in the lorry, on the stuff that they are carrying; they took some food with themselves as it is two days journey by road from Jalalabad to Swat.)


World is a mysterious place for me that's why I love to explore and make new friends. I love to write about different stuff but 300 grams is a love story that I first started writing a few years ago and after writing 5 chapters I stopped.
I am a very social person and always love to connect with people, if you have something to tell or ask don't hesitate to write a comment here ^_^